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Walking the Walk™ Alumni

Walking the Walk Alumni encourages youth to stay involved with the goals and mission of the Interfaith Center after they graduate from Walking the Walk. Alumni events, which are planned by a student planning committee, include service-learning projects, speaking opportunities at public events, and leadership workshops. Some alumni serve as Student Group Leaders, working as assistants for their Walking the Walk network, or as members of the GreenTeam, who lead the Day of Environmental Action.

All Walking the Walk alumni are encouraged to get involved with this initiative! See the schedule of upcoming alumni events or apply to be a Student Group Leader below.

“I was so captivated by the program I couldn’t just let it slip through my fingers, so I returned as a Student Group Leader this year with my Christian and Muslim friends. There is absolutely no down side to this program.” —Mara, Walking the Walk Alumni Student Group Leader, West Philadelphia Network, 2010-2011.

Highlights from Walking the Walk Alumni

View photos from past alumni events!

Upcoming Opportunities

We are looking for Walking the Walk Alumni to serve in a leadership position in an exciting new initiative – the Walking the Walk Alumni Board! The alumni board aims to promote a sense of community between the alumni of the WTW program. The board will gage the needs and interests of alumni and create a method for Walking the Walk participants to continue their engagement in the Interfaith movement beyond the year of the program.

We are interested in creating a board of high school and college-age students and beyond. Think about applying if you are interested in outreach to fellow alumni through events and programs.
The time committment would be 1-2 in-person meetings per year, along with phone and e-mail check-ins before major events. Alumni would serve a two-year term on the board.

Please return the Alumni Board application form to Margie Scharf mns@interfaithcenterpa.org by August 14th if you are interested.

What’s New

Walking the Walk Alumni Engage in Service at Henry Got Crops and Share”


“I feel that I have become part of more than just a program, but rather a full-fledged interfaith movement.” —Louis, Walking the Walk Alumni Summer Intern, 2010. Read his full story.

Student Group Leaders 2014-2015

Anna Luce, Philadelphia Network

anna luceMy personal favorite religious or cultural traditions are held during Hanukkah. I love making and eating potato latkes as well as playing dreidel with my friends and family. I also find the lights on the menorah beautiful and enjoy lighting them all eight nights. My favorite part of Walking the Walk was when we talked about pluralism and discussed how to achieve pluralism in today’s society. A fun fact about me is that I can make really good pizza and really good challah french toast.


Mary Grace Murray, Philadelphia Network

mary grace murrayA religious or cultural tradition that is important to me is Christmas. For me, Christmas is the one time of year my entire family comes together and we all take time to give back to others. My favorite part of Walking the Walk was our service learning project at Inglis House.  A ‘Fun Fact’ about me is that I play tennis for school.



Husnaa Hashim, Philadelphia Network

husnaa hashimA religious or cultural tradition that is important to me is attending Islamic fall and summer camps in Maryland and Michigan. Camp is a way for me to experience my religious identity combined with a classic America tradition; I’m able to play sports without hijab, discuss relevant topics, be independent, and grow spiritually. It’s a time of true reflection and unity, the feeling of literally living with people you don’t know and letting them become your best friends. At camp I’ve met people who live in England, New Zealand, France, Scotland, Pakistan, Canada, and all across the USA. My favorite part of Walking the Walk was visiting different religious temples and observing their architecture. Stained glass, domes, scripture depiction, etc. A ‘Fun Fact’ about me is that I love tea, yoga, grapefruit, and Rumi poems early in the morning.

Hannah Deutsch, Philadelphia Network

hannah deutschBeing Jewish, I think Shabbat is an extremely important part of my religious tradition as well as my family life. My family celebrates by lighting the candles every Friday, having a nice dinner, and making it a priority to spend the night with all of us together.  My favorite part of Walking the Walk was packing Thanksgiving and holiday meals into boxes, which would be delivered to families later that week. I feel very passionately about helping others, and I also I loved the teamwork and team-building component. Since it was towards the beginning of the year, it allowed our group to bond by discovering who the natural leaders and followers were. A ‘Fun Fact’ about me is that over the course of my seventeen years, I have lived in four states, two countries, and eleven houses.

Maddie Garber, Philadelphia Network

Maddie GarberA religious tradition that is important to me is becoming a bar or bat mitzvah, which a big step in any Jewish person’s life. My favorite part of Walking the Walk was volunteering at Inglis House. It was great being able to meet and get to know the people there, and learn more about them. A fun fact about me is I really like writing, especially short stories. I once wrote a horror short story for an online course I took.

Jaron Teegen Case, West Chester Network

imageOne religious tradition I have in my family is to pray really long at dinner so we can enjoy the feast even more when the time comes. My favorite part of walking the walk last year was getting to know all of the wonderful kids in my group. Something that is kind of interesting about me is I like to sing and dance.


Past Student Group Leaders

2013 – 2014

  • Lev Boonin, Northwest Philadelphia Network
  • Sarah Elmongy, Suburban-West/Media Network
  • Quinia Evans, Northwest Philadelphia Network
  • Jami Gross, West/Central Philadelphia Network
  • Arman Hassan, Suburban-West Network
  • Elise Higgins, Suburban-West Network
  • Kyra Lesser, Suburban-West Network
  • Matt Newman, Wissahickon Network
  • Rogena Rezkalla, Suburban-West/Media Network
  • Nicole Thompson, Wissahickon Network
  • Mickey Viola, Suburban-West Network
  • Margot Weitz, West/Central Philadelphia Network

2012 – 2013

  • Dalia Al-Bataineh, Suburban West Network
  • Suzanne Bernstein, Suburban West Network
  • Quinia Evans, Central Philadelphia Network
  • Tal Gilad, Wissahickon Network
  • Sophia Gluskin-Braun, Northern Day School Network
  • MaryKate Glenn, Northern Day School Network
  • Sharika Maliha, Wissahickon Network
  • Hasinah Rahman, Central Philadelphia Network
  • Sam Slavitt, Northern Day School Network
  • Graham Small, Suburban West Network
  • Katrina Tacconelli, Suburban-West Network
  • Leah Zebovitz, Central Philadelphia Network

2011 – 2012

  • Sydney Fleekop, Matt Siegleman, Suburban West Network
  • Ricca Marx, Wissahickon Network
  • Sophia Waldstein, North/Northwest Network
  • Ilanit Goldberg, Wissahickon Network
  • Arin Ahlum Hanson, Suburban West Network
  • Rev. Rob McClellan, Day School Network
  • Rev. Lamont A. Wells, Northwest Philadelphia Network


  • Aniqa Hassan, Anisa Tavangar – Suburban-West Network
  • Miriam Jason – Cheltenham Network
  • Baseerah Watson, Mara Pliskin, Sheannah Conneen – West Philadelphia Network


  • Dahlia Kenawy, Hanna Elmongy – Havertown Network
  • Anneke Kat, Wyatt Smith, Isam Osman – Suburban-West Network
  • Sa’ood Abdul-Basit, Danny Garfield – West Philadelphia Network


  • Dan Siegelman, Halimah Bakillah, Yasmine Hadjar – Suburban West Network
  • Hannah Weilbacher, Hope Platt, Kamil Saeid – West Philadelphia Network


Past Green Team Leaders


      • Lisa Doi
      • Noah Kosherick
      • Hanna Elmongy
      • Sa’ood Abdul-Basit
      • Michael Klingerman


      • Allison Peiser, The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
      • Emna Bakillah
      • Layla Tavangar
      • Leena Mazid
      • Michael Kligerman
      • Monique Smith
      • Noah Kosherick


      • Amanda Mazid
      • Dahlia Kenawy
      • Isam Osman
      • Layla Tavangar
      • Michael Kligerman
      • Sarah Claussen, The Lutheran Seminary
      • Qamar Muhaimin, Student Group Leader
      • Zia Islam


      • Halima Bakillah
      • Ibrahim Muhaimin
      • Ja’Milla Fitzhugh
      • Marjorie Scharf, Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia
      • Michael Kligerman
      • Michael Wanatik
      • Michael Pasek
      • Mikeerah Smith
      • Monique Smith
      • Qamar Muhaimin

“Towards the end of my time in interfaith I was doing all kinds of things I never would have done before. I was leading the team planning our annual Day of Environmental Action, and I was always one of the kids speaking at events …If I had let this program pass me by I wouldn’t be who I am today.”—Qamar, Walking the Walk Alumni Student Group Leader and Green Team Leader, 2009-2010.