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Interfaith Organizations

The following list is of links to the websites of interfaith organizations throughout the country and beyond. This list may be incomplete, so please email us if there is an organization you would like to recommend we add to the list. Thank you!

Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions
An organization that strives to bring together the religious communities of the world in conversation in order to bring about peace, justice, and sustainability.

Elijah Interfaith Institute
An institute dedicated to fostering peace among faith communities worldwide through interfaith dialogue, education, research, and dissemination.

Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice
A directory of religious organizations that work towards peace and justice available to those interested in such projects.

Interfaith Youth Core
An organization that works with religious youth in order to foster and strengthen inter-religious understanding.

International Interfaith Centre
Based in Oxford, UK, this organization brings together different religious communities for dialogue to develop understanding between them.

North American Interfaith Network (NAIN)
An association of interfaith organizations across North America in order to make available communication between the organizations.

Pluralism Project
A research organization that studies the ever-changing religious make-up of America and how this changes the meaning of pluralism.

Religions for Peace
An organization striving for peace and justice by working through its work with religious communities and leaders nationwide.

On Being
A public radio program that addresses issues of religion and religious diversity within the context of our current political and social climate.

United Religions Initiative
A global organization promoting cooperation between people from different religious backgrounds and trying to end religiously-motivated violence.

United States Institute of Peace
An independent, nonpartisan federal institution created by Congress to promote the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of international conflicts.