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Poetic Reflections

Earth Freely Gives Us Everything


Just as the earth is everywhere

People champion its cause in all places

Every religion, culture and nation claim to respect the earth

But as they tread on its soil, use its resources

Do they really remember what gives them everything

But asks for nothing in return?

As the earth provides silently and selflessly, it is drained

As it is drained, the people of the earth may

Finally realize their duty to heal their selfless mother.

To give back a fraction of what has been taken

Strive to become good ancestors, and hope the future does the same.

-Layla, Student Group Leader, Walking the Walk

Reach Out

Reach out even if

there is no hand

that greets you

Is that always a helping hand?

First offer a smile

and see

who will take it

and run.

-Anneke, Participant, Walking the Walk


Generosity she gives until she can’t.

Gives no matter the race or religion

A little, a lot, a penny, a smile

It counts just as well

To brighten one’s day is to give

to teach someone is to give

to learn is to give

Whether this way or that

here or there,

it’s always a good time to give.

-Leena, Participant, Walking the Walk

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