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Adult Learning and Leadership


The United States of America is the most religiously diverse country in the world. Our ability to engage our diversity as well as we do is one of our greatest strengths as a nation, but it is also becoming an ever greater challenge. More and more, securing the peace, justice and equality of our country requires interfaith dialogue, interfaith work.

Too often, interfaith work is misunderstood as something that takes place as an exchange only among experts. Those who have carried forward interfaith relations in local, civic and national arenas are among the healers and builders of our times. But we at the Interfaith Center believe that this crucial interfaith engagement also happens through meaningful encounters in the workplace, classroom, and neighborhood.

The Interfaith Center has designed a broad range of programs for adults – from community workshops and congregational programs to highly specialized gatherings for religious leaders or for professional continuing education. We have programs for corporations, congregations, small groups or individuals. We have one-time programs, six-month series, and day-long intensives. Programs can be tailored to suit the needs of any group.

“Interfaith work is like a journey in which one climbs a mountain. The pinnacle of this mountain is the discovery not that “you are like me” but that “I am you.” When this is realized, your hunger is my hunger; your difficulties are my difficulties; your illness is my illness; your happiness is my happiness and your success is my success. Out of this discovery and, hopefully, the mutual discovery of what is divine in each of us, and the mutual discarding of what is not, together we can work for the common good. We ask that God bless us and all who engage in this work.” — Imam Muhammad Abdur-Razzaq Miller, Bawa Muhaiyyadeen Mosque and Fellowship

In its first five years of existence, the Interfaith Center reached more than 6,000 adults from over 150 community groups and faith communities through a wide variety of adult learning and leadership formats.

Signature Adult Learning and Leadership Initiatives

For a comprehensive list of adult learning programs upon request take a look at our brochure.

What’s New with our Adult Programs

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Our certified adult programs can be uniquely designed to meet the goals and needs of different faith communities, and each can be adapted to meet all budgets.

To request a presentation, contact Rev. Nicole Diroff at ndd@interfaithcenterpa.org.